Our members come from various industries and backgrounds all with a common goal to foster collaboration and growth.

Company NameWebsite URLEmail ContactDescription of Products or Services
1Williams & Gosling Pte Limitedwww.wgfiji.com.fj
2Lords Jewellers Limited
3Vuvale Restaurants Fiji Ltd t/a McDonalds
4Charan Jeath Singh Group of Companieswww.cjsgroup.com.fj
5Weleilakeba Family Group of Companies
6U.S. Embassyfj.usembassy.govcommercialsuva@state.govThe United States Embassy in Fiji has made trade and investment a high priority. The commercial section of the Embassy can provide services and guidance to the private sector interested in trade between Fiji and the United States.
7Australia & New Zealand Banking Groupwww.anz.com
8Pernix (Fiji) Pte Limitedwww.pernixgroup.com
9Petroleum & Gas Co (Fiji) Pte Limitedwww.bluegas.com.fj
10J. Kevi Group Fiji Limited
11BDO Chartered Accountantswww.bdo.com.fj
12R.C. Manubhai & Co. Pte Ltdwww.rcmanubhai.com.fj
13PURE FIJI Export Pte Limitedwww.purefiji.com
14Budget Car and Truck Rentals https://www.budget.com.fj & https://www.facebook.com/BudgetRentACarFijifiji@budget.com.fj ( Bob N.Niranjan )Budget has all your Cars / Trucks rental needs covered in Fiji and all at a Budget price.

With Eight easy to find rental locations throughout Fiji.

Budget prides itself on its fleet of new cars and famous Fiji service, including delivery and pick up service.

15Vision Investment Limitedwww.vil.com.fj
16Mechanical Services Pte Limitedwww.mechanicalservicesfiji.com
17FMF Foods Ltdwww.fmf.com.fjhttp://www.fmf.com.fj/With its subsidiaries, FMF Foods is able to offer a wide variety of products for export. Quality, Service and Delivery being the heart of the organization, FMF works to deliver the best choice for its corporate and household customers, Our products include flour, rice, peas ,noodles ,potato chips, dalo chips, biscuits, crackers, and packaging products.
18FIJI Water – Natural Waters of Viti Pte Ltd
19Lodhias Travel Services Ltd
20Marsh Pte Limitedwww.fiji.marsh.com
21Vinod Patel & Company Pte Limitedwww.vinodpatel.com.fj
22Investment Fijiwww.investmentfiji.org.fj
23Hangton Pacific Company Pte Limitedwww.hangton.com
24NewWorld Pte Limitedwww.newworld.com.fj
25Golden Manufacturers Pte Ltdwww.golden.com.fj
26Credit Corporation (Fiji) Pte Limitedwww.creditcorporation.com
27Morris Hedstromwww.it.cfl.com.fj
28Ashabhai & Company Pte Ltd
29Evergreen International Fiji LLCwww.wormaldfireandsecurity.com
30Bumble Bee Foods LLC
31Extreme Pacific Furniture & Construction Limited
32Fijian Holdings Ltd
33Gibson Freight International (Fiji) Ltd
34Pioneer Supplies Ltd
35British American Tobacco Fiji
36Motibhai & Company Limited
37D Gokal & Co. Pte Ltdwww.gokals.com.fj
38Rentokil Initial Limitedwww.rentokil-initial.com.fj
39Vodafone Fiji Pte Limitedwww.vodafone.com.fj
40KPMG Administration (Fiji) Pte Limited
41Air Terminal Services (Fiji) Pte Ltdwww.ats.com.fj
42Brijlal Pte limitedwww.brijlal.com,fj
43Maxumise (Fiji) Limited
44Westpac Banking Corporationwww.westpac.com.fj
45I-Fifty Four Enterprise (Fiji)
46Shipping Services (Fiji) Ltd
47Tripacific Marine Limited
48Paul Jaduram Investments Limitedwww.hotelnorthwinds.com.fj
49Sealand Processors (Fiji) Limitedwww.seaquestfiji.com
50Kaiming Agro Processing Ltd.www.gingerfiji.com
51Copra Millers of Fijiwww.coconut.com.fj
52PLN Advisory Pty Limited
53Cacao (Fiji) Ltdwww.cacaofiji.com
54Lami Kava Pte Limitedwww.lamikava.com.fj
55South Pacific Coffee Company
56Fiji Development Bank
57Cacao (Fiji) Ltdwww.cacaofiji.cominfo@cacaofiji.com Cacao Fiji Ltd began operations in the Fiji Islands in 2014. The company is involved in the farming, processing and exporting of fine cocoa beans for craft chocolate. We place high emphasis on quality at every aspect of our production. Cacao Fiji Ltd also works with network of cocoa farmers throughout the Fiji Islands. We pride ourselves as leading the change in the revival Fiji cocoa industry We take our inspiration from the craft chocolate community for changing the chocolate market and contributing to a revival of cocoa farming in Fiji and new origins.
58Ilayz Koya
59Transcorp Pte Ltd (Division of DPL Group of Companies)www.dplgroup.com.fj
60Kelton Investments Pte Limitedwww.KeltonInvestments.cominfo@KeltonInvestments.comKelton has a successful 54 year investment track record in Real Estate and Public and Private Equity Investments, across the South Pacific, Asia and North America. Kelton is currently invested in real estate development, and commercial agriculture (exports of frozen produce - Taro & Cassava).
61Nawi Island
62Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport (Office of the Fiji Trade Commission North Americahttps://fijitradecommission.com/ Praneet.Singh@FijiTradeCommission.com As part of the Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, the office of the Fiji Trade Commission North America (FTCNA) helps promote, facilitate and connect trade and investment opportunities between Fiji, USA, and Canada.
63Seaquest Groupwww.seaquestfiji.com uttam@seaquestfiji.com Harvesting and processing of fresh tuna from Fiji waters which are MSC Certified and blockchain enabled. Our processing facility is HACCP certified, USFDA and EU Accredited.
64Professionals Fiji Real Estatehttps://www.professionalsfiji.com/Baron@ProfessionalsFIJI.com We make dreams a reality for FIJI Real Estate Buyers, Sellers and Investors. As FIJI's #1 real estate agency, our local expertise, market knowledge, and world-class ethics, integrity and cross cultural communication makes us THE trusted advisors for residential and commercial investments. We can even help you find a fabulous holiday home, resort-hotel, or your very own private island!  Contact us today and let's start the search for YOUR slice of tropical paradise in FIJI! We will be optimizing the search results so businesses in the U.S. will see our directory in top results when searching for potential Fijian business partners. 
65Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd t/a Mobil Oil (Fiji)www.mobil.com.au / www.exxonmobil.comadijaya.tamara@exxonmobil.com Mobil Oil Australia Ptd Ltd trading as Mobil Oil (Fiji) is Fiji’s oldest oil company with more than 115 years of experience, having first established a presence in 1906 Mobil is the only oil company to operate in Fiji pre-independence, and have grown up with the nation through over a century of change Mobil is the largest integrated fuels supplier that also operates three terminals / coastal bulk plants, joint owner of the only aviation fuel pipeline to Nadi International airport, and has the largest network of Mobil-branded retail stations in Fiji that supplies high-quality clean products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene)

Meet the Executives

The membership of the Fiji/USA Business Council has increased significantly and become quite diverse as reflected in the different industries they are part of. The significant increase in membership has made the Council a prominent voice in Fiji. Our President is Mr Himmat Loddhia who is the Owner, Lords Jewellers Limited…

Meet Our Members

Our members are an eclectic group of high achieving executives and CEO’s from the major industry sectors in Fiji; banking, accounting companies, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Some of Fiji’s largest exporters are represented along with many of their key partners and service providers.

Why Join

The Fiji/USA Business Council offers members opportunities to network; providing introductions to senior executives of member companies to the key business and government leaders in Fiji as well as assisting you to understand the legislative, regulatory, legal and financial processes in Fiji.

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